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Virtuso Verifica (I) Pvt Ltd is fully owned and controlled subsidiary of nhbs. This company has commenced its operations from April, 2017. The Purpose to evolve new entity is to extend our work in the field of “Inventory management with analytics” , “Root Cause Analysis”, “Process Assurance Audits” and enhancing the “Fixed Assets Management” in business.

V2IPL is India’s leading stocktaking service provider, serves beyond the count that includes physical stock counts, fixed asset management & SOP Audits. Use of proprietary technology, refined processes, and skilled workforce makes us different from our competitors to provide verification services to India’s most renowned retailers & International retailers as well, operating in the country.

We perform services across retail , Supply Chain & Logistic , manufacturing ,Telecom, IT & ITES, Highly Sensitive Data Centres & BFSI and have been providing the accurate, efficient, onsite counts needed by esteemed clients.

We conduct over 15,000+ audits annually from large MNC’s as well as SME units, using the latest hand-held technology (HHT) scanners, managing reports and data through IT-enabled software to Verify over 450+ millions items.

We work across Industries & Sectors, with specific focus on

  • Retail

  • FMCG

  • Manufacturing

  • Data Centre

  • Automotive

  • Health Care

  • Telecom

What we have Delivered ?

Over 15,000 Inventory Audits

100+ warehouse audits – including manual or fully automated warehouses with leading edge Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) technologies

Perform Fixed Assets verification for over 5,600 sites

Undertake stock count for sites ranging from 100 to 3 lakh+ sq ft in area

Undertake stock count for sites having inventories from 500 pcs to 35,00,000 pcs

Our clients range from large national chains to small proprietary units

For over 57 Clients, we deliver customized Inventory counting services and manage end-to-end activities from design to implementation

Our Offerings

  • Plan, conduct and manage wall-to-wall stock takes at all client locations

  • Plan, conduct and manage cycle count taken at desired frequencies

  • Variance Discussion

  • Robust Reconciliation Process

  • Recommend improvements in inventory control processes

  • Review of SOPs and guidelines for gaps, if any

  • Identify control gaps, redundant processes and recommendations for improvement

  • Audit areas such as Inventory transactions, Cash and bank transactions, Sales accounting, Store management, Statutory compliance

  • Identify control gaps and recommend solutions

  • Creation / Re-Creation of FAR

  • Tag, count and value all fixed assets

  • Perform periodic fixed assets audit

  • Reconciliation

  • Lifecycle Management of Fixed Assets - Procurement to retirement

  • Identify and recommend measures to improve operational controls and processes

  • Review of SOPs and guidelines for gaps, if any

  • Identify control gaps and redundant processes. Recommend measures to improve

  • Audit areas such as- Sales & Credit Card Operations, Gift Vouchers, Credit notes & Cash Refunds, Petty cash, Deleted, Suspended, Manual Discounts and Employee Discounts, Exchange and Alteration of Merchandise, Stock Transfer and Negative Stock, Damages, Shrinkage, PI and Scrap Sale, Safety, Health and Environment, Security, Admin & Statutory compliance, H R Activities

  • Analysis & report Submission

  • Identify control gaps and recommend solutions

  • Anonymous Audit is the practice of using trained shoppers to evaluate, incognito, customer service, operations, and product quality

  • It is used to measure quality of service or gather specific information about products and services offer to customer

  • Developing a Program & Designing questionnaire

  • Audit & report Submission

  • Result with recommend & solution

Why nhbs?

Take an informed decision.

Increase sales

Improve book stock accuracy

Scheduling flexibility

Stores can concentrate on core activity i.e, selling

Reduced shrinkage & Increased profitability

No capital investment for hand held technology

Refined and customized process

State of the art knowhow and technology

Improved customer satisfaction

Independent and unbiased reporting

Least disruption to business and their customers

Over many years through our dedicated relationship management team and Delivery team have ensured 100% client retention.

Retail Solutions Across

Apparels / Shoes

Consumer durables



Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Convenience stores

Department Stores

Grocery & Supermarkets

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