A fast-growing private sector bank in India was looking to significantly scale its operations. The Bank needed a reputable professional firm to which it could outsource various Assurance services. By this expertise, the Bank wished to focus on its key activities, have only a variable cost impact commensurate with growth, while not affecting any quality, standards and diligence in lending.

Approach & Delivery

nhbs was engaged based upon its deep domain knowledge and expertise. nhbs conducted credit assessment of the Bank’s borrowers, assessed their credit worthiness and industry potential, and suggested measures to mitigate risk. Unit inspection and audit of stock and book debts were conducted on a regular basis, along with reporting on borrowers’ statutory compliance, position of stock and book debts, insurance of assets and financial adequacy. Based on nhbs reports, the Bank has effectively monitored borrower accounts, and has also identified opportunities for enhancing the facilities.

nhbs also assists the Bank for calculating the Drawing Power (DP) of its borrowers. This includes responsibility for collection of required documents (Stock & Book Debts Statements), educating the borrowers for timely submission of statements in the desired manner and review of statements before calculation of DP.

nhbs provides two layers of quality control to the Bank – at the local office and at its headquarters, where work is re-verified for complete accuracy.


Through its pan-India offices and network, nhbs was able to significantly improve on the overall reach of the Bank, as well as reduce the overall time taken in completing each of the assignments. With our help, the client Bank has grown faster without compromising borrower confidentiality or diluting credit risk, and at the same time has reduced cost of monitoring and administration. The final attestation of our services is that we are able to maintain a close and trusting relationship with the client today in order to help augment its growth.