Due diligence services of nhbs include financial due diligence (FDD), legal due diligence and technical Due Diligence/TEV Study to Banks, FIs, ARCs, VCs, PEs and large corporates.
nhbs has an unparalleled direct network with banks and Financial Institutions. Our team has decades of experience working in diverse sectors which enables us to successfully guide you through the process of due diligence.


  • Benefit from our in-depth regulatory, financial and taxation knowledge
  • Support from industry reports
  • Unbiased opinion on business & financials of an entity
  • Accurate and reliable reporting of gaps, if any

Our Offerings

  • Validation and confirmation of past performance parameters
  • Review of accounting policies , internal controls & checks, quality and sustainability of earning and cash flow, condition and value of assets, potential liabilities and tax implication
  • Validation of assumption of future projection
  • Analysing the risk associated and scope of mitigation
  • Environmental management – non-compliance & its implications on business
  • Industry and peer comparison

  • Status & implication of legal notices from statutory & regulatory authorities
  • Status of legal cases against the company
  • Claims by the company and against the company
  • Compliance’s under the Companies Act, FEMA, SEBI and any other laws
  • Review of documentations relating to transaction
  • Verifying legal documents related to permits and licenses, loans & advances, guarantees given and properties of the Company

  • Assess the products long term sustainability, other substitute product available, capacity and economic size capacity of the set up
  • Assess the requirement of land, building and other infrastructure, Plant & Machinery , adequacy of power, water, utilities etc
  • Study the technical assumptions like capacity utilization, revenue, raw material cost, utility cost and other cost factors relating to the profitability projections
  • Check for demand of the product, market share, pricing vis a vis of competitors and other sources
  • Study the cash flows and repayment capacity of the debt


We share a genuine and trusting relationship with nhbs. The entire team assigned to our project worked amicably with our management and staff. Within a short span of time, we have already streamlined the system issues, and the consulting team has supported us in our claims management process to follow up and expedite the receivables from car manufacturers.
Amar Seth, Director, Shaman Group