Diligence Services

Diligence Services provided by nhbs is a fact finding exercise. It refers to the process of analysing data, documents, process, compliances, records, existence check of assets, individuals, establishment, etc of business to unearth major or potential delinquencies & provide observation report on real time basis which enables decision maker to take an informed decision.

nhbs can assist in evaluation of financial, non-financial data & process for an organization (Bank, NBFC, FMCG, MSME) that are contemplating investments, funding, monitoring, enhancing the productivity, require testing of existing processes, portfolio buy/sell, mystery shopping, seeking registration in foreign countries, etc.

Our USP is reach, having presence in most of the cities in India & Dubai, Assessment capabilities & Knowledge of experienced professionals which enables us to provide better services to our clients. Part of our Value Added Services, we provide Early Warning Signals (EWS), an Analytical procedure which builds understanding of business & changes in its environment to identify potential risk areas for risk mitigation.

We offer specific services to Banks, NBFCs, FMCG, Automobile & Consumable durable Industries through our various service offerings

Our Offerings

  • Financial & Non-financial Due Diligence

  • Diligence for: Portfolio Buy/Sale Out, Existence Verification

  • Know-Your-Customer checks, Personal discussion, Document verification & Execution

  • Business and financial health assessment

  • Collection of documents

  • Periodic monitoring of Stock & Book Debts

  • Dealers Funding Audit for Verification of assets funded

  • Invoice & Bill Discounting Audit

  • Repossessed Asset Verification

  • End use of Fund & Project Financing Audit

  • Educating & Obtaining Statements from borrower as required by Lender

  • Performing Due Diligence enabling Lender to take a call on funding

  • Executing documents part of sanction terms & covenants

  • Calculating Drawing Power, conducting Inspections & Stock Audit

  • Evaluating & Rating the borrower and providing scores for Risk Mitigation

  • Process & Transaction testing in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Ensuring Compliance towards eligibility, KYC, Income to Loan, rating of borrower, condition & title of asset, etc as per terms & condition of Company Policy & Procedure.

  • Existence Verification of Primary & Collateral Assets

  • Evaluating & Rating the borrower and providing scores for Risk Mitigation

  • The audit report (Diligence, stock audit, inventory funding, etc) provides audit observation which are evaluated on predefine Parameters.

  • Financial & non-financial information are evaluated on certain criteria and Scores are provided for evaluation

  • The scale of risk & percentage of achievement is calculated & risk mitigation measures are recommended.

  • Testing of Process & Transaction in compliance with Company Policy & Procedures

  • Process Study, Gap analysis & Recommendation for Process improvement

  • Implementation of Improved Process

  • Risk grading bench marking with the Industry standards

Why nhbs?

Minimize default rate in loan portfolio

Instill best practices on lending governance

Enhance decision making process

Enhance risk management & controls

Independent Opinion on client business & financial health

Independent reference & background check

Support growth & advice on managing existing venture

Effective in improving Turn Around Time

Maximising profit by reducing clients overheads

Work as Solution Provider

We conduct due diligences to provide value added information which puts our clients in a better position to negotiate, mitigate risk, conduct business analysis and decision making. We provide confidential, unbiased & real time due diligence report to meet client’s objective on the assignment.

We monitor the portfolio from induction of the applicant (potential borrower) till the date of its exit from the Bank. The process starts with educating the borrower on submission of the required documents in desired form & content, analysing the documents, enabling lender to take call for funding, calculating drawing power, monitoring the borrower by visiting regularly at its premises & collaborating evidences, sharing flash reports on observations that needs immediate attention of lender, providing regular inspection & EWS report for effective monitoring the borrower.

We visit business premises of target audience and authenticate the data by collaborating evidences, verifying the statements & documents, conducting physical verification of assets, testing Statutory compliances, verifying existence of business premises & promoters, ensuring KYC compliances, assessing customer/vendor, for establishing business going concern, movement of inventory, verifying of records, etc.

We provide Early Warning Signals (EWS) wherein evaluation of risk is done based on predefined parameters. The parameters are evaluated on certain criteria which are scored depending on positive, negative, critical & non critical observation in the diligence process. The EWS report provides level of risk for individual parameters as well as all the parameters considered together. We would also provide risk mitigation measures for different level of risk.

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