Banking Large Corporate

nhbs - Banking Large Corporate division are providing services to various leading Financial Institutions/Banks. It provides Services relating to due diligence, TEV Study and investigative audit of some of the large corporate companies on behalf of banks (public sector & Private sector), Asset reconstruction companies, financial institutions and Investors.

Target Clients are as below

  • Banks – (Private & Public sector Banks )- Zonal Head, GM,DGM,

  • NBFC - business head, Directors, VPs

  • ARC - Vice President , Senior vice President

  • Private Equity - CEO

  • Government Consultancy agencies- DGM, GM

Our Offerings

  • Comprehensive appraisal of a business, its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential

  • Validation and confirmation of past performance parameters & check for black holes.

  • Derive true status based on fact finding.

  • Assessment of material facts relating to the business.

  • Assess the specific risk areas that require focus and tailor procedures to be performed.

  • Investigating into the affairs of the business.

  • To identify the forthcoming adversities which may call for unseen liabilities.

  • Perform detailed procedures including financial analysis and validation of assumption for future projections.

  • Industry and peer comparisons.

  • Legal notices from statutory and/or regulatory authorities – status & implication.

  • Current status of Claims made by the company and received against the company.

  • Compliance's under the Companies Act 2013, ROC, FEMA, SEBI and other related laws.

  • Compliance of matter related to Corporate Governance, Insider Trading, Whistle blower policy, Risk Management policy adopted and related secretarial standards.

  • Verifying legal documents relating to various approvals, permits and licenses of the Company.

  • Verifying legal documents related to the loans & advances, guarantees given and properties of the Company.

  • Verifying documents, agreements executed, material contracts entered into by the company, evidencing obligations or liabilities of the company.

  • Appraisal of techno commercial parameters of a project and its impact on the financial viability.

  • To assess Product feasibility, Promoter’s capabilities, Infrastructure assessment, commercial viability, justification of Capex in plant & machinery, capacity assessment, utility requirement etc.

  • Derive working capital requirement linked to production cycle, inventory & receivable requirements.

  • To analyze various assumptions of technical parameters leading to future working of the company i.e. profitability, cash flow & ability of the company to service the loans.

  • Review plan to Physical & Financial progress.

  • Review and report on end use of funds.

  • Assessing time & cost delay for project etc.

  • Post commencement check of plant operation, efficiency parameters, capacity utilization & financial parameters.

  • Review of Actual Cash flow to plan / servicing of debt and reasons for variance.

  • Analysis of financial statements to identify mis-utilisation of loan funds, diversion and siphoning of funds.

  • Forensic due diligence – Background and integrity check.

  • Asset misappropriation.

  • Designing an early warning signals tools to closely monitor cash flows, fund utilisation and fund movement.

  • Identification of willful default by stressed entity or its promoters.

  • Identifying related party transactions and amount involved.

  • Identifying exceptional transactions not made under normal course of business.

  • Whether fund flows are managed in a desired manner.

  • Preliminary discussion with customers , understanding the business proposition.

  • Identifying the amount of funds required to be raised and utilization of funds.

  • Discussions with Banks / FI / NBFCs and Potent ion Investors and assessing the possibility of financial closure.

  • Preparation of financial Model/CMA and analyzing the financial viability of the identified project.

  • Integrating on constant basis with bank / FIs / NBFCs / PI and providing reasoning and justification to their observation / query.

  • Completion of financial closures and successful closer of the deal.

  • In Case of takeover of stress cases on behalf of interested investors, interacting with ARCs on regular basis and completion of the aforesaid process.

  • Advising Lenders / Companies / Investors on structuring, Restructuring, One time Settlement or Commercial negotiations and advising Companies / Lenders / Investors on optimising the business value.

  • Evaluating Resolution Plan and also identifying resource mobilisation under stressed situation.

  • Advisory services in relation to conducting the restructuring / OTS process.

Why nhbs?

Assessing opportunities and future prospects

Confirmatory / status of business affairs

Prevent unpleasant surprises

Facilitates decision making

Identify potential deal killers

Evaluation of assets

Over many years through our dedicated relationship management team and Delivery team have ensured 100% client retention.

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